New Art Cards Available

Canadian wildlife sculptor Roy Hinz and artist René Bourgeois have long been admirers of one another’s work.

“We’ve been friends for 30 years,” Roy says, “but we’ve never been able to collaborate until now.”

After Roy approached René, the visionary behind CreativeWorks, about doing some design work and promotional materials, René was excited to create a series of art pieces that utilized Roy’s carvings as inspiration.

René says, “When I look at Roy’s sculptures, I see how he works with the way light plays on his forms, giving his pieces a surreal quality that’s both realistic and yet whimsical. I knew I needed to capture that essence.”

Roy adds, “When I am creating my work, I have a limited control over colour. What René has done is taken my images and brought them to another level in a two-dimensional format with vivid colours and that really gives the piece a new perspective. The idea of creating an art image from another art image is fascinating to me.”

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